Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mitt Romney: A namby-pamby putz who would rather
see your throat slit than get his perfect little hands dirty

Mitt Romney, the anti-Trump: No balls, no fire, no guts, no fight

What a revelation it was to hear Mitt Romney, in his own words, betray his true nature as a pious coward and a privileged guardian of the status quo (Friday, June 10, CNN). It is now nauseatingly obvious why he failed to defeat Barack Obama after his trifling first term, and why the wealthy GOPe selected him in 2012 as one of our pre-approved candidates. Mitt is so desperate to “go along to get along” that he will stand and watch his country get hollowed out, then sold out, while our throats are slit in front of him. He is truly the anti-Trump.

Wolf Blitzer handed him a softball interview, giving Romney a platform to smugly accuse Donald Trump of racism, sexism, and bigotry, and imply that anyone who supports him is guilty of the same. Blitzer did not present Romney any tough challenges, but instead let him appear as a gentleman and serenely vomit out his attacks without mussing his shirt.

Romney is a namby-pamby putz. It is more clear than ever why he lost in 2012 to Obama, a failed president any real fighter could have beat. It should have been like shooting kittens in a barrel. But Mitt lost because he has nothing Donald has: No balls, no fire, no verve, no guts, no fight. Weak, weak, weak. A baby, a big dumb baby.

At his annual Education and Enthusiasts ideas conference (“E2”), he sat for the interview in a suite in the five-star Deer Valley resort of the Wasatch Mountains near Park City, Utah. E2 is the perfect venue for Romney to do what he’s good at: Chat in comfort and privacy while raising money with the mega-rich, plan the lives and futures of the rest of us, and enjoy barbecue in perfectly pressed Dockers and gingham shirts. This year he took time from the conference to undermine the people’s nominee on prime time television.

Mitt threw out horrible, false epithets at Trump but didn’t have to back them up. I would like to see him appear with others who will challenge him, but you can he bet won’t do it. For Mitt, there’s no room for debate. Instead we got a pointless softball interview, pointless except to put another knife in Trump. I bet it won’t be his last, either. Romney would obviously rather see our throats slashed than suffer a jab or a bruise — “honor” above all, the kind of honor that betrays the people without getting one’s hands dirty.

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