Monday, August 24, 2015

Donald Trump: An Obsession, a Distraction, a Possibility, or a Promise?

I’m very excited about Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. I would not call myself skeptical, but I am cautious. It is clear that so many low-energy candidates are simply not putting everything on the table, but instead, before even becoming nominated, are taking too many possibilities off the table.

We can no longer believe that Washington politicians will do anything substantive about our borders, and the countless non-native persons living here outside the law. Without borders and without laws, we do not have a country.

We can no longer believe that Washington politicians will really say what they think truthfully, especially when their views are unpopular. Many of them do not even know what they think, but simply run for office because that is what politicians do.

Today, I am creating this blog as a place to talk Trump, hear Trump, and consider Trump. At this moment, since I cannot in good conscience support any Democratic candidate, I can say that among the Republican candidates, Trump is my current favorite by far. And it’s mostly because no one else seems to be doing or saying anything notable, and no one else, compared to Trump, has the practical experience, daring, and will to really accomplish something great.

For several presidential elections, I immersed myself in politics, but unfortunately have become distracted, embittered, and unhappy. Everyone else has disappointed me. John McCain was a disaster, a sell-out, a failed nominee from the outset. Romney, who I campaigned for, could have won, but lost because he was too nice.

I need happiness and positive activities in my life now, and my faith has taught me that politics has to take second place to faith in God’s ability to transform the world. This time around, my political activity will be mostly for fun. And it’s going to be a ton of fun to stump for Trump. Let’s have fun!

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