Tuesday, August 25, 2015

TEXT TO JOHN: The other candidates each have a secret plan

I was texting my good friend John today. He shot me screen pics of Fox News’ New Hampshire and South Carolina polls. The dates cover Aug. 21 to 24, and Donald Trump is far above the crowd.

Among New Hampshire primary voters, Donald Trump is in the lead at 35%, with the next closest contenders being John Kasich (11%), Carly Florina (10%) and Jeb “Low Energy” Bush at 7%. Walker, Carson and Christie follow close behind the non-Trump top three, and at the end, Graham, Pataki (Pataki is in the race?!) and Santorum trail at 1% each. With a 4.7% margin of error, the trailers could be as high as 5.7% or as low as negative 3.7% (a statistically meaningless figure).

In South Carolina, Mr. Trump is at 30%, followed by Carson (15%), Jeb-Lo (9%), and Fiorina (6%). In this poll, someone named Huckabee makes an appearance (but that might be a made-up name), and Pataki is nowhere to be seen. In my opinion, if one is to be considered a viable candidate, one ought to at least make an appearance in 35 out of 50 state polls.

I think the rest of the candidates each have a secret plan. My text reply to John: “The others must know the only decision they have left is whether to compete for the V.P. slot, or drop out.”

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